Much like you and your staff are trained to treat specific ailments, our team is built to create and own specific marketing channels. If a patient is in need of a back alignment, they go to a chiropractic specialist. When you are in need of paid digital advertising, you come to us.

The relationships we foster with our clients is very similar to the bonds you form with your patients. For us both, it’s about communication and feedback. In order to create the most effective program for your clinic, we are continuously making adjustments, tracking results, and evaluating performance.

Our specialization allows us to focus solely on developing the very best advertising strategies for specialty medical clinics. Through our unique network of other specialty medical clinic clients, we have been able to build a truly impactful patient generation program that’s proven to attract high quality prospects into your local clinic.


The Experts in Specialty Medical Marketing

ED/Low Testosterone

Our Men’s Clinic program helps drive ED and TRT patients into your local practice.

Stem Cell Therapy

Our unique Stem Cell Therapy program helps drive stem cell therapy patients to your clinic or seminars.

Hair Restoration

We help your hair clinic target and convert new local patients seeking PRP and hair restoration treatments.

Medical Weight Loss

Drive patients interested in weight management, ALCAT testing, prescription weight loss, programming, and more.

Body Contouring

Get local patients for your CoolSculpting, cosmetic surgery, liposuction, and anti-aging treatments.


Target prospective patients seeking local treatments for their severe skin issues.


Helping local podiatrists drive more patients into their offices seeking a treatment for foot pain, bunions, Plantar Fasciitis, and Peripheral Neuropathy.

Hormone Replacement

Our Hormone Replacement Therapy program helps drive HRT patients into your local practice.


Get more patients interested in healing their back, neck, head, and spine issues.

Medical Spa

Attract patients seeking aesthetic, cosmetic, and anti-aging treatment.

Target Potential Patients

OppGenetix captures prospective patients that are searching for treatments in your local area. Unlike radio or print advertising, our program targets prospective patients that are actively seeking a treatment for their issue. This creates a focused advertising spend on relevant prospective patients.

Get Appointment-Ready Leads

We develop relevant landing pages specifically for your medical clinic that are proven to generate real appointments. Through our proprietary tracking system, we get your feedback on which patients became clients and which didn’t. There is no more guessing on which one of your advertising efforts created the lead or how valuable that lead was.

Quickly Grow Your Clinic

Currently our medical clinics average $405,000 in annual revenue generated per clinic. A phenomenal return on investment. Thanks to the rapid growth and market data our unique program provides, we are able to help many of our clients uncover potential growth opportunities in other markets, leading to the opening of additional clinics.


New Patients A Month


Return on Investment


Monthly Appointments


Annual New Revenue

Trusted by 100’s of local medical clinics nationwide.


Unique Network of Medical Clinic Data

Is your staff tired of following up on “junk” leads that result in nothing more than wasted time? By leveraging our medical clinic client network, our team of paid digital experts help your clinic generate more high quality appointments that lead to actual new patients.

While other firms offer broad services across all industries, we specialize in developing program only for specialty medical clinics, allowing us to analyze effectiveness of ad copy, keyword targets, and spend across all of our medical clinics. This network effect allows us to achieve performance that no individual clinic could reach on its own.

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