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By OppGenetix

How to Increase Senior Living Occupancy with Digital Marketing

What Marketing Leaders Need To Maximize Digital Marketing Spend.

If you are a marketing leader within your senior living community you know there are countless ways to spend marketing budget on digital channels for lead generation.

How do you market to those who are interested in your community and who will be the right fit? How do you get your message to break through the crowded digital space?

OppGenetix has worked with a number of senior living communities and our method for lead generation has proven to boost occupancy rates and return on advertising dollars.

Start the conversation:

Families who are researching communities for a loved one are doing so more and more through digital channels. Providing as much valuable information about the community, culture and care as possible is key in building credibility with them.

For example, including detailed images of your facilities and amenities can help potential residents picture themselves in your community. By using videos, health improvement stories, existing senior experiences and proving to instill a true sense of community can make an impact on prospective residents to move them from an evaluation to a consideration stage in their journey.

Identify residents that fit your community:

Every community and the culture it depicts is unique. To run an effective senior living campaign it’s vital to know who your audience is. If you have a detailed resident persona in place it can help narrow in on who should your campaigns resonate with the most. Gone are the days of blanket targeting. Offering personalized experiences to prospects help in turning engagement or online traffic into real occupants.

Keeping the needs of your clients top of mind can also help build trust with them overtime. Start to address the needs of the persona through the marketing materials you provide them. When it is a good fit, there needs to be an optimized experience for future residents to take the next step and either submit their information on a form or call to schedule a visit.

Serve local seniors targeted ads:

Once you have the specifics on who the best prospect is, you can start to use multiple advertising channels to replicate that demographic and psycho-graphic intelligence that we mentioned earlier. Targeting options such as age, gender, net worth, interests, education and marital status to name a few can help refine the prospective audience.

Identifying where these audiences live online is the next step in determining a successful senior living marketing strategy. We have found the following digital advertising channels to be extremely effective in generating high quality leads for senior living communities:

  • Google Search
  • Google Display Network
  • Facebook
  • Local news publications

With the audiences and channels identified, you have to ensure that the overall prospect experience is streamlined to maximize engagement with your community.

This starts with writing great advertising copy. For a channel such as a Google search, your ads should be highlighting value propositions that your ideal resident care about the most. These ads can also be used to qualify future residents by including a starting price. For a social media advertising channel such as a Facebook, there is more flexibility with video rich media or carousel images that allow you to showcase the community.

Once an ad is clicked, your website or landing page should be streamlined to encourage visitors to take the next step and initiate a conversation. For example, having information such as answers to frequently asked questions help with building trust and enables users to establish if your community is a good fit for them or their loved ones.

Follow-up and engage:

Committing to a senior living community is a big decision for any family and can take from a few weeks to a few months. To keep your community top of mind, retargeting your online ads to those who have visited your website and not converted or bounced all together may be a good option. Retargeting leverages cookies to target ads to consumers based on their previous browser history.

Website visitors who are retargeted are 70% more likely to convert. With retargeting it’s important to think about these ads through a customers perspective. What type of ad would they want to see to improve conversions?

It’s important to have a designated salesperson, sales team, or team member whose only responsibility is to follow-up with incoming digital leads. Following-up with digital leads is critical to the success of the campaign. The goal of your senior living community should not only generate high quality leads, but to provide a sales road-map to follow up, nurture, and convert these leads into new residents

Commitment to your communities growth:If your community is interested in implementing new digital marketing strategies or expand on your current efforts we can provide you with a free digital market analysis. This analysis will allow our team to evaluate your current online efforts, along with your business data, and deliver actionable recommendations for where to invest your digital budget. Start the process by visiting our website and fill out the form, please be as detailed as possible. Our team will be following up with you to discuss next steps and sending you your complete digital market analysis.


By OppGenetix

6/13 – This Week In Digital Advertising

This Week In Digital Advertising

Consumers Spending More Time on Mobile than TV:

A big shift is happening in the world of marketing. For the first time consumers will spend more time using their mobile devices than watching TV. About 70% of that time will be spent on smartphones. This report is no surprise to those in the industry who have been watching the rise of mobile over the years.

People are increasingly spending time on apps instead of web browsers. Audio apps lead the way for time spent, followed my social. According to trends smartphone use will continue to increase. “We’ve expected that mobile would overtake TV for a while, but seeing it happen is still surprising,” said Yoram Wurmser, eMarketer principal analyst.

Although mobile continues to rise, many users have expressed concerns about screen time. Companies such as Apple and Google have released screen time tracking controls. This gives users visibility as to how much time they are spending on mobile devices.

As a digital marketing agency, we are constantly reviewing our processes to make sure we build campaigns that fit our clients needs. With the continued rise of mobile and usage of social media apps, our advertising efforts will continue evolving to make sure our clients messages are displayed appropriately.

Facebook Paid Ads Strategies:

As social media advertising becomes more of a crowded space our team is figuring out ways to make your ads and campaigns stand out. Facebook has made several major updates so far this year that have changed the way ads are targeted and shown to end users.

In order to have a sustained campaign over time it’s important to make sure you have a solid paid strategy with clear KPIs and goals along with high quality creative. It’s also good to take a second look at your campaign’s call-to-action and make sure it remains relevant and aligns with your goals

As the digital advertising world starts to see a shift it’s important to make sure new users know your brand through awareness campaigns. Having compelling assets such as video and high-quality imagery can help with user engagement. This will give our team the ability to re-target the ads to those who we know are interested in your brand.  This is a more long term approach to a campaign.

Our team also has the ability to add tracking codes to see where users are coming from, what keywords they clicked on, and even what devices they use. This way your team will have a better understanding of who is interacting with your ads and adjustments can be made to improve targeting.

We are a Columbus, Ohio digital marketing agency that can help your specialized business navigate any digital transformation. If you would like to talk strategy with our team please contact us.


By OppGenetix

6/6 – This Week In Digital Advertising

This Week In Digital Advertising

 Privacy-First Browsing for Mozilla Firefox and Safari

Firefox made a big announcement this week in browser privacy. New users will receive a privacy-first browser with anti-tracking settings set by default. Users can switch the setting back on, but Firefox cautioned this as they continue testing.

Mozilla has stated that other tech companies are misleading users about their security. By making users opt-in to privacy settings usually leads to no security changes at all.  “The general argument from tech companies is that consumers can always decide to dive into their browser settings and modify the defaults. The reality is that most people will never do that.”

Apple will also be launching new anti-tracking settings for Safari in an effort to protect user privacy. Mobile users are using Safari 50% of the time to browse. Apple has become a leader in user privacy and believes it’s time to change the entire online advertising industry. They have spoken out in the past about Google and Facebook’s use of end user data. With the new Safari roll out this shows users that Apple wants to continue championing privacy.

The new tracking options in Safari will store ad clicks and then issue conversion reports, but will delay the release of the reports from anywhere from 24 to 48 hours. All advertisers will know is that within the past 24 to 48 hours, an online ad on a specific site had a conversion. Advertisers will not know who clicked it or be able to see any proprietary information about the user. This is Apple’s effort to keep some sort of middle ground where users privacy is protected and advertisers can report on how a campaign performed.

Google Chrome still remains the top browser for users world wide. However, these privacy changes give users more options on what data they are sharing with these companies. 

How will this change disrupt the online advertising industry?

Cookies and tracking pixels follow your every move in the world of online advertising. All clients want to know the effectiveness of the digital campaign as well as the customer journey that lead to a conversion. Cookies and tracking are important to advertisers because they can help tell the story of a customers journey.

This current method of online advertising can provide information to companies that could potentially impact the privacy of users. As we’ve seen in recent years with third party information sharing. Which is why security needs to remain top of mind.

If the industry continues to shift, expect data gathering to become more difficult. Digital advertisers will see an effect on how users will be tracked and reported on in real time. Our team has been working on reporting data this week and is looking into future adjustments. What have your digital marketing teams been doing as these changes roll out?  

By OppGenetix

Medical Practice Marketing Multi-Channel Investment

There are so many different ways to market your medical practice. Digital marketing has grown immensely over the past several years. Splitting budgets between traditional marketing tactics and digital marketing, ppc, and other online marketing efforts can seem daunting. So the question becomes “How does my business achieve the max ROI for our marketing efforts?” We’ve worked with a number of medical practices who have taken the multi-channel approach investment.  By diversifying your marketing budget across multiple channels, your practice will have the opportunity to increase its web presence, drive brand awareness in your local market, and generate a healthy pipeline of prospective patients. When using this marketing approach it’s important to keep your logo, name, and general branding consistent across all channels. If you know your audience, it will be much easier to select channels people are more comfortable with and more likely to interact with your brand. 

Paid Search: If users want to learn more about your medical practice, chances are they will Google you before doing anything else. Targeted advertising can help your team generate a higher quality lead volume. Results and tracking can be implemented to help you measure an ROI for these efforts. This type of digital marketing works for all budget types and can be paused and restarted at anytime. Our team has worked with a number of local medical practices and has helped drive qualified traffic to medical practice websites.

Paid Social:  Social advertising also has targeting features to make sure your ads are being shown to the correct audience. Social media advertising can help build relationships with prospective patients and encourage engagement from those who could be interested in your practice. There are a number of different solutions for advertising on social media. You can create successful campaigns that drive results on any type of budget that’s available. 

Search Engine Optimization: Content is king. Having lots of content revolving around your practice and services can be a huge factor in organic search results and improving search engine optimization (SEO). If your strained for time hiring a free-lance content writer can be a great addition to your blog or other web pages. The more information you can provide around your medical practice, the better informed your potential patients will be. 

Direct Mail: Although digital marketing has taken part of the direct mail market share its still an important aspect for any marketing campaign. One of the first things you should do is select an audience you are trying to target and make sure there is a clear call to action on the mailing piece. Adding a promo code for a free consultation or visit can help support your multi-channel efforts.  

TV/Radio: If you know your target audience consumes television and radio this could be a great way to reach them. By using a hashtag on a television ads or calling out a website in radio ad copy could help support the other multi channel functions of your marketing campaign.

Email: To round out the multi channel approach marketing strategy email marketing can help drive engagement. Grab the attention of readers with compelling call to action, images, videos, and  GIFS. You can send special offers and program details to help promote your business. Feature a section of your website for active users to subscribe to your newsletter or other email communications to continue communications with patients.

Multi-channel marketing is not a one size fits all approach for your business. Some channels might not fit your target audience. It’s figuring out which tactics will work for your medical practice marketing strategy for max ROI. This approach can grow your brand recognition, bring higher conversion rates, and untimely bring in more patients. 

By OppGenetix

5/30 – This Week In Digital Advertising

This Week In Digital Advertising

We’ve moved!

We are happy to announce our move to 1105 Schrock Road in Suite 200. As our team continues to grow we needed more space to better serve our clients. Everyone at OppGenetix is excited for what’s to come and we are so happy you are along for the ride with us.

Google’s Mobile First Indexing for New Web Pages Starts in July

Google has announced that mobile first indexing will now become the default for all new, previously unknown to Google Search, websites starting July 1, 2019. Ever since mobile indexing was announced, Google has been pushing developers to create websites with a mobile first mentality. Most websites have been modified and content has been updated for both desktop and mobile.

If your not sure what mobile first means it’s the way Google crawls and indexes your website and pages on the web. Google will look at the mobile version of your website first, instead of looking at the desktop version. Now over 50% of what Google indexes is indexed over mobile-first indexing.

It’s important to make sure your developer team and marketing teams are aligned on this change. If a new web page is launched and has a low mobile score, your search ranking and indexing from Google could be impacted.  

Microsoft Acquires Data Platform Drawbridge to Improved LinkedIn Ad Targeting

This week, LinkedIn announced the acquisition of Drawbridge, the advanced machine learning tool. This is all in an effort to continue to grow and improve paid advertising tools within the platform.

LinkedIn has said “We believe Drawbridge’s team and technology will allow us to accelerate the capabilities of our Marketing Solutions platform, helping our customers better reach and understand their professional audiences and measure the ROI of their campaigns across mobile and desktop.”

Drawbridge will work with LinkedIn to integrate the AI tools into the platform over the coming months. This will lead to a larger set of targeting and data options being made available to LinkedIn marketers.

LinkedIn shows several types of ads to users, including native “sponsored content” ads that appear on the platforms main feed, personalized “dynamic” ads and sponsored InMail messages.

This merger is exciting for marketers looking for more targeting options and tools. LinkedIn has unique data available for targeting. We will continue to target sets of users who you are specifically looking to convert to customers.

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senior living marketing
How to Increase Senior Living Occupancy with Digital Marketing
6/13 – This Week In Digital Advertising
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Medical Practice Marketing Multi-Channel Investment
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