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Specialty Medical Marketing

by OppGenetix

We’ve helped hundreds of clinics grow their many locations nationwide. While other firms offer broad services across all industries, we specialize in lead generation for local medical practices.This allows us to analyze the effectiveness of ad copy, keyword targets, and spend across all of our medical clinics. Our programs target prospective patients that are actively seeking a treatment for their issue. This creates a focused advertising spend on relevant prospective patients.

Experts in Specialty Medical Marketing: We’ve worked with hundreds of medical clinics over the years. Some of the specialty medical marketing fields we serve include ED/Low Testosterone, Stem Cell Therapy, Hair Restoration, Medical Weight Loss, Body Contouring, Dermatology, Plastic Surgery, Hormone Replacement Therapy, Chiropractic, Medical Spa, and more. Our specialization allows us to focus solely on developing the very best advertising strategies for specialty medical clinics. OppGenetix is a team of experienced professionals with backgrounds ranging from leadership roles in finance, sales, marketing, and development. That unique combination of skill-sets allows us to apply our real world experience to your campaign. We understand what a practice needs to be successful and can build a strategy that far outreaches a simple marketing plan.

Lead Follow-Up: We capture prospective patients that are searching for treatments in your local area. Our program targets prospective patients that are actively seeking a treatment for their issue. Our team has consulted with 100+ medical clinics to uncover the unique processes leveraged to convert digital leads into patients.  Download our our white paper to learn more.

Direct-to-Clinic: Our most popular strategy for medical practices is our direct-to-clinic model. With this program, we help drive qualified prospective patients to your local clinic for treatment.

Seminar Marketing: Seminars are an outstanding method of educating many prospects at once in a non-judgmental environment. Many of our Stem Cell, Hair, and Weight Loss clients leverage this strategy and have seen success.

Webinar Marketing: Our webinar and simulated webinar strategies allow your medical experts to educate prospective patients virtually from their office, or a recorded video, via our online webinar platform.

Telemedicine: More and more people are seeking treatment options in the comfort of their own homes. Our telemedicine strategy helps your practice acquire more new patients seeking remote treatment.

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Specialty Medical Marketing
5 Ways OppGenetix Can Help Your Practice Grow