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by OppGenetix

Facebook may have just become the biggest influencer marketing agency in the world.

Facebook, Inc., which owns Instagram, WhatsApp, Oculus, and of course, Facebook, announced new policy updates on December 18, 2019. What might be the most important part of this update is that Facebook, Inc. rolled out its Brand Collabs Manager tool to a select group of Instagram creators. Previously, Brand Collabs Manager was only available to Facebook creators.

Brand Collabs Manager allows companies to search for influencers who would be a good fit to help advertise their brands and products. Influencers also use it to find and partner up companies that share their values and image.

For influencers who were worried about Instagram removing likes from the public eye, Brand Collabs Manager may assuage those fears. The tool will allow them to get insights on all of the posts they’re tagged in.

While influencers might be sighing in relief, some influencer marketers are sounding alarms:

What does this mean for influence marketing management? Is it time to start ringing the death knell for influencer marketing agencies? Or is it the start of something new?

There’s still much to learn before any of these questions can be answered.

What we do know with a reasonable amount of certainty is that this tool will make connecting with influencers easier, thus benefiting brands, businesses, and influencers.

Influencer marketing is a fairly new phenomenon and one that’s at the mercy of regular updates and policy changes.

For influencer marketers concerned about the potential ramifications of Brand Collabs Manager, it may be wise for them to step back from focusing on influencer marketing and start diversifying their services.

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Influencer Marketing Just Got Easier with Facebook