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Our patient generation programs are built to produce “appointment-ready” leads for your specialized medical clinic.

Home Builders

Our experts develop strategic digital campaigns that target new home buyers near your communities.

Senior Living

Developed to acquire prospective residents that are seeking independent or dependent senior living facilities.

Pet Services

With our pet program you’ll generate more local pet owners seeking immediate or future boarding and grooming options for their dogs or cats.


Compete against the flood of gyms and fitness centers popping up on every corner by attracting the right customers that stay past their trial.


Our law marketing program is built for practices seeking higher value cases, such as personal injury and corporate issues.

Don’t see your industry listed? Our team is always developing innovative programs within new segments. Please reach out and let’s discuss if we can help


Grow with OppGenetix

Our specialization allows us to focus solely on developing the very best advertising strategies for specialty medical clinics. Through our unique network of other specialty medical clinic clients, we have been able to build a truly impactful patient generation program that’s proven to attract high quality prospects into your local clinic.

Much like you and your staff are trained to treat specific ailments, our team is built to create and own specific marketing channels. If a patient is in need of a back alignment, they go to a chiropractic specialist. When you are in need of paid digital advertising, you come to us.


Digital Lead Sales Follow-up Guide for Medical Clinics

In this guide you will discover the basics of conducting proper sales follow-up for leads generated from online advertising efforts.


Unique Network of Industry Intelligence

We understand no one wants to waste their bandwidth on “junk” leads and freezing cold phone calls.  If you business is experiencing this with your current marketing program, it’s most likely a result of running a broad program designed to be used by everyone, not one built for your industry and certainly not positioned for your local market.

Our foundation was built on developing large-scale digital campaigns for enterprise clients. By combining a comprehensive digital background in innovation with our extensive client network, our team of digital experts are able to generate more high quality appointments that convert to actual new revenue.

By focusing in on unique industries, and managing 100’s of programs for specific types of businesses, we’ve been able to create exclusive processes that are very difficult to match and produce the best possible results.

Free Men’s Clinic Program Guide

Please provide some information to learn more about our men’s clinic lead generation program.
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